Sweep-N-Fill III
Sweep-N-Fill III is an innovative product that greatly reduces the time you spend cleaning a green after aeration. Sweep-N-Fill III saves money by eliminating the labor intensive process of backfilling aerated greens. Developed by a superintendent, the Sweep-N-Fill III ground driven unit mimics push broom action which eliminates sand bridging of aerified holes. Lifts lateral shoots so effectively, after 2 or 3 groomings grain is removed from putting surfaces, leaving a perfectly groomed appearance.

Benefits of Sweep-N-Fill III:
  • Significant time and labor savings
  • Faster recovery of aerified turf
  • Eliminates bruising and turf injury
  • Removes grain from putting surface

  • Fills aerified holes in only 2 - 3 passes
  • Places top dressing sand to crown of plant
  • 25% - 35% less sand required to fill aerified holes
  • Provides fastest clean up of aerified green ever

  • Terrific grooming tool
  • Lifts lateral shoots and matted turf
  • Reduces need for verticutting and vertical grooming
  • Promotes upright growth of leaf blades
  • Provides superior putting surfaces
  • Opens turf canopy

  • Artificial turf (Stands Up Turf, Redistributes Infill Material)
  • More effective than drag brushes
  • Gentle to turf blades

  • Strong frame
  • Heavy-duty bearings & sprockets
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • 6" ground clearance in transport mode
  • Multiple adjustment of brushes from tickling turf to aggressive brushing
  • Brushes float with contour of ground
  • Prevents gas and oil leaks (ground driven)
  • Can be pulled by golf cart or light truckster
  • 54" working width, 66" overall width

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For more info, visit www.sweepnfill.com

Sweep-N-Fill Video:


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