Topdressing Blends
D.M. Boyd Topdressing Blends – Offers a wide variety of custom blended topdressings, consisting of silica and calcareous sands, soil, and organic materials.  Standard blends include :  90-10, 80-20, 80-10-10, 70-10-20, 70-15-15 and 60-20-20.  They can also custom blend to meet the customers exact specifications.

  • Coarse particles are removed to save on equipment maintenance
  • Custom blended to your specification is available
  • Ability to hold the nutrients needed
  • Precision blending for a more homogeneous mix
  • Minimal separation
  • Great infiltration and percolation rates
  • Hold nutrients longer
  • Consistent sand source ensures consistent quality over the long term
  • Meets USGA guidelines
  • High silica content makes sand hard and weather resistant
  • International distribution available

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